Winter heating bills can deliver a big sticker shock, one that continues well into the spring: It cost what to heat your space this month? If that’s happened to you, you’re not alone. And while there’s plenty of information on how homeowners can save on their heating costs through big projects like replacing windows or insulating attics, that’s just not an option for renters.

We reached out to the pros to see what free, low-cost, reversible and take-it-with-you changes renters can make in their homes to save on their heating bills — and feel more comfortable, too. Here’s what they told us. (P.S.: Homeowners, you can do all of these things, too!)

Shore up your windows

“The minute you eliminate drafts, your home will get warmer,” said Lou Manfredini, the host of House Smarts Television and Radio. In addition to gaps around the window frames and sashes that never close completely, if you’re in an older home or apartment, you could be dealing with single-pane windows that are big heat losers.

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